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Get this if you’re a musician/ song writer

I love this app!! It’s easy to use, sound quality is great. Easy to record music on the go, a song idea in the car, or to use in the writing process. My friend recommended it to me and I love it so much, I suggest it to all of my musician friends.

What’s Wrong?

I love being able to add lyrics to the memo. But unfortunately my memos are constantly saying “updating” and I haven’t been able to access them for a week now. I’ve even deleted 2-3gb of pics/videos to clear up some space (based on the Apple discussion forum), and still no luck.

Slow, poor performance hinders great idea

This app could have been great if it weren’t so slow and stuttery. Takes a long time to load, even longer to access the list of recordings, or tap into a file for detailed editing. The glitchiness prevents it from being the tool it was intended to be—a great quick songpad for getting down ideas when inspiration strikes. One other feature request besides performance is to include a lyrics section/capability and better sync with Logic.



Really great Idea!

Can’t wait for more features and improvements :) I will support this app knowing it can only get better.


For the longest of times I’ve been using this app to record quick lil tunes that come to my head. I feel as though it’s a dope app but needs major work.. for instance i have songs saved on the app that I’ve been trying to access for some WEEKS now. I’ve signed onto WiFi, off WiFi, turned the phone off then on again🤷🏾‍♂️. Nothings working. All it says is “Updating” fix it Jesus🙄. Please help with this.

Easy and out of the way

Love this app! It’s simple and powerful. Has a tuner built in and allows easy track trimming if you don't nail your world-changing tune in one take. Essential imho as a songwriting capture tool.

Do not use this app.

I absolutely loved this app when it came out. I used it for every piano and guitar idea that popped into my mind. I had around 100 ideas on this thing and one day it stopped working entirely. It would load the start screen and freeze. After hours and hours of tech support no one was able to get any answers or any help retrieving my now lost song ideas. This app looks great and is genuinely a great idea, but it’s not worth the risk. Voice memos works absolutely fine and has never lost me any ideas. Beyond that, voice memos actually stores its files in your iTunes so if it were to mess up you’d have a backup. Even with iCloud turned on I have no way to get my song ideas back. It has absolutely earned 1 out of 5 stars. I will never use this app again.


I enjoy this app but it’s not allowing me to access my recordings all of the sudden. They say they are updating, but it’s been like that for days and I can’t listen back to them anymore.

Could Be Great

The ability to use an input (& sidechain with other apps) other than the built in mic would make this is wonderful tool for demos.

It doesn’t work

Every time I open the app it just keeps saying updating. I have a lot of music ideas stored and I can’t get to them which makes me really frustrated because this was my go-to app. I just want my songs! UPDATE IT PLEASE

Was Five Stars

Man, oh man, do I miss using this app. Music Memos was my on-the-go go-to. It was simple, easy, and reliable; it did exactly what it was supposed to do without missing a beat. The MM I originally downloaded was a hell of an app. For its perfect integration with iCloud across devices, for minimizing the home-screen-to-active-recording window, and for all the little things I never knew I needed (to name a few: a bpm detector, a largely accurate chord recognition, a surprisingly sophisticated drum/bass guitar backup track offered during playback)— for all these handy offerings, I added MM to a revered position on my home page alongside essential apps I use every day. And then- out of nowhere- it wasn’t useful at all. Not even a little bit. I don’t know what wrecking ball of an update could take a little gem of a utility and turn it into a crudely bastardized version of a revered and reputable original, but that’s exactly what happened when, one day, the app would lag, indefinitely, in that aforementioned space between opening an app and rolling a recording. Nine times out of ten, that’s as far as I can get. SOMETIMES it Will allow me to record something before it spontaneously crashes without saving the relevant recording. But mostly, all I see left is the shell of a once-great app. Too bad, really. I couldn’t justify keeping MM around to shamelessly disappoint me forever, so it quickly joined the ranks of many forgotten and neglected apps in a fourth-page folder— “Utilities—“ a moniker as generic and forgettable as the apps contained within it: functioning as some sort of digital purgatory for applications I neither want nor don’t want. I rarely write app reviews: only when I think it’s worth the time it takes to write them. Otherwise, I have no doubt I would waste away endless hours writing rants that no one will ever read. BUT, I write this review in hopes that someone in a position of power can redeem this app and return it to the glory of its salad days.

Era bom, mas nao funciona mais

Era bom, mas agora não grava e nem acessa as gravações.

Recordings stuck on updating

None of my recordings can be played, all of them are stuck syncing to the cloud

2 Years of Music Memos Gone

I had been using this app and loving it, until last week. I had made some silly songs last year with my nephew on vacation, and was looking forward to playing them for him on vacation this year. Sadly, most my recordings with him, along with dozens of song ideas and demos, are gone. They just disappeared. I contacted Apple Support, and their response is “you probably deleted them”. I DID NOT DELETE THEM. I DID recently upgrade my iCloud storage to 2TB. It’d be a shame that my reward for spending more money with Apple is to have them wipe my drive (luckily I’m not noticing anything else missing so far). The technical error with this app accidentally deleting my recordings is bad, but Apple Supports response is even more disheartening. I’ve always found Apple Support to be exemplary, but not in this case. The point of this app in conjunction with iCloud is that my files would be safe. Now, I’m proof that they are not. Don’t trust your creative ideas to this app. You may lose them.

One Star Despite Hundreds of Tumes

I echo the sentiments of the other reviewers who point out the complete lack of attention given to this genius idea. Apple, do you not have enough capital to update this? If you hold the patent on this technology, you should release it to another so they can help enhance the artistic world. Who knows, the next Superstition could be written just because some writer captures the riff on his phone. Instead, we have to interrupt the flow by the needless delays and crashes. I have hundreds of ideas captured on Music Memos back when it worked. You might as well just delete the app from the store. I gave it one star even though it could have 5. Songwriters need this tool. Please get it right! Respectfully submitted.

I like it but...

Good app. Had an idea, recorded it, and easily added some bass and drum tracks, but I wish I could record on top of what I originally recorded. I have more layers in my head. Minus one star because of that. But I still like it.

It works

Perfect when used as a literal memo “pad” for song ideas. Bugs must’ve been fixed b/c I haven’t experienced any of the issues from some posts. Running a 6th gen phone so maybe there's something to that. Anyway...5 stars - serves its purpose for sure

Please fix these bugs

Many reviewers have stated this so ill keep it extremely brief but... Soooo many pros, but sooo many bugs. Sad to see such a capable app be left to irritate every user that discovers it. if apple could just allocate a tiny fraction of its resources to fix these issues... ugh The creative process is far too futile to allow any gaps in focus. the incessant lags and freezes almost send me through the roof. pls

Promising but frustrating

Terrible BPM detection with no way to adjust to the correct tempo.

Always loses recordings

Not a bad app but if you edit the name of your recording or click around, some recordings may become unplayable, and you'll just have to delete them. It's pretty frustrating that this app can be so unreliable. But otherwise not bad.

Like Robert Downey Jr in his rough years

This app was once phenomenal, but has not been updated to be compatible with recent iOS versions, and for the last year or more has been almost unusably buggy. I stick with it because I don’t want to lose the hundreds of ideas I’ve saved using the app (which often vanish into the cloud & are [to my knowledge] impossible to retroactively store on the phone,,, very frustrating when I have no service [every day, because I work in the woods]). THAT SAID, the concept is great and I hope dearly that the developers will put some love into the app soon!


As a singer songwriter I love this app so much!!! Guys this is awesome!!! I hope they add more instruments and volume control for each one . But overall this is a dream come true!!

Unreliable/ never works

I’ve missed a ton of things because this app doesn’t work. You’ll press the record button and it will stop recording a few seconds later on it’s own. Just tried to use it and it didn’t work at all. Missed the entire thing I wanted to record.

No iPhone X Update?

Come on, Apple. This is your app and you haven’t updated it to make it work well with your new phone. It sorely needs an iPhone X UI update.

It’s as if someone at apple said

“Let’s make the one and only app a musician can wish for, but make it extremely buggy and unusable” There is so much potential. Why GarageBand can run full-length tracks with so many tracks in each project and run perfectly fine, but this app which only has to record / play one track at the time cant simply do it? It is a bummer, because the concept is good, and interface is okay, and the features are there. Just make it work. Please.

play all

super clean app easy, intuitive. ive been recording on iphones since my 3G and have more than 10 different apps, including multi-tracking apps and this is the easiest to use and most functional in its ability to share to various places. the one thing missing (from all of these types of apps..) is the ability to Play All... after a nite of recording 10-12 different ideas from :30 to 30:00, it'd be wonderful to just play them all, rather than one looping over and over - to be able to create a playlist would be even more over the top! and then export that playlist to the cloud as mp3! holy smokes...


I hope they continue to support this app because there's nothing else like it. A great way to get a musical idea down quickly before it's lost forever. It's like notepad but for music.

Great app! But..

Apple, you guys have done a great service to us musicians. Seriously, this is a great tool. I love the minimalistic design and the drum/bass accompaniment feature is great along with the other extra tools (setting the upbeat/downbeat, tempo, measure, etc). My only gripe is that the app is buggy. It's riddled with bugs. Playback bugs, interface bugs (it "updates" whatever you played back, even if no changes were made), freezes and crashes randomly. Apple, please fix this issues.

Not optimized for iPhone X

App developed by Apple and even optimized...

Untrustworthy and unreliable

I tried to use the cloud backup feature to backup my songs and it corrupted all the files. Thank god I had an iphone backup to restore my entire phone memory to or else every music idea I ever recorded would have been lost (over 100 recordings of various lengths!) Since that happened I’ve never used the app again. Simply unacceptable for a music memory app like this to have a simple bug that literally corrupts all your files. Whether or not this bug has been fixed, I don’t know and I don’t care because I will never trust this app again.


This app was amazing...until it stopped working. Now it is stuck on the opening screen and won’t do anything. I’m afraid I lost everything on here. Please fix ASAP.

Picking up wrong chords

This app is crap. It does not do a very good job at picking up the chords that I am playing on my guitar. The accompanying bass plays the wrong note because of the app not being able to clearly pick up the chords being played


would be nice if the sounds would load after being recorded

Great Idea not trustworthy

I’ve been recording song ideas with this app for months now, and have had my memos updating each time I open the app. Now they won’t update at all. I have about 30 song ideas I can’t access at all. Very unfortunate because the app has a lot of potential

Crashes all the time

This app crashes non-stop. I would say 75% of the time it does not actually work. You will open the app and then it will spontaneously close. Also, in the rare event it does stay open and record something, the file sizes are enormous. Expect a factor of 10 larger than the Voice Memos app. The only good thing is the easy iCloud integration.


I love this app. Have used it a lot. Lately it shows a lot of bugs so I’m holding my fifth star for an update that fixes the problems.

Was great

Until 11.3 or shortly before. Now trying to use iCloud freezes UI. Apple doesn’t seem to care. DO NOT turn iCloud on and off again, you will lose data that’s not backed up. App no longer will sync with iCloud.

This app is dead

This was a really great app until it completely stopped working. Worst of all, I can’t even access my previous recordings anymore. What’s up?

Was really awesome :(

Super laggy and slow. Not really helpful cause it takes so long.

Great idea - Poor execution

Great concept but it really doesn’t like longer files. Please address the bugs in this app, Apple!

It beats using Voice Memos, but...

Not by much. I like that it can start recording when the music starts and that now I can keep my music recordings separate from voice reminders. But the bass/drum addition is a joke. Also, please please PLEASE add a metronome function. A no brainer.


As other reviews say, the app will appear to delete and record a new clip, but won’t actually record it, it just plays an old clip. There’s no way to predict when it will happen, so you just have to force close the app every time. Frustrating. As soon as this is fixed, it’ll get a 4 or 5 star rating from me.


Great app but when I have an idea in my head that I want to hum in a whim it takes too long to open and work. I have to press the record button several times to work and even then, sometimes it just doesn’t work or takes a while to work

Too many bugs and no update and do not support iPhone X

Too many bugs and no update and do not support iPhone X

Amazing App

This is a one of a kind brilliant app. What other app can add realistic drums and bass? None. I have been using it for a year and a half with an electric guitar and my playing has gotten much better...half from me and half from this helps that much. That’s how I see it anyway. Unless I was playing with a drummer and bass player...everyday...I don’t think I would be doing music this well. I know for a fact I would have gave up on guitar if I wasn’t able to hear the song potential and have it push me to create more ideas and get better. Get it. My only worry is if I switch to a Samsung phone...if soundcamp Android app will be anything like this?! Or if I’ll have to have an iPhone or iPad JUST for this app and GarageBand.

Iphone X support

You would think that being an apple app and everything it would support the iPhone X but no they haven't updated it yet!

Was looking for this!

Love the voice memos app but have been looking for something to record my drums with on my phone, that’s not compressed.

So many bugs please fix !!!!

Great app in theory, but there are so many bugs. I can’t even open up what I’ve recorded, it takes forever to load.

So close yet...

This app is so frustrating. It’s such a great idea but it’s totally unusable. Every time I open it, all my previous tracks say “updating” with the status bar frozen at 99%. If I'm lucky a few of the newer ones will load after awhile, but never the older ones. I suppose those ideas are lost forever. Totally unreliable. Whoever is responsible, you’re breaking my heart.

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